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The Away Mission Test ((えん)(せい)(せん)(ぱつ)()(けん) Ensei Senpatsu Shiken , lit. Expedition Selection Exam?) is chapter 203 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Usami reveals that the away mission test schedule is up revealing that the test has 2 phases and an orientation, but first each member of Tamakoma Second has to answer 3 questions. After they answer the questions and a few days pass, they go to HQ for the orientation where multiple A-rank agents and B-rank Squads were there, Shinoda reveals that the squads will be shuffled forming 11 squads who will have 1 operator, 1 captain and 3 extra combatants making a 4 combatant squad and He gets ready to announce the captains.

Long Summary[]

Yūma masters the art of bicycle riding; Hyuse struggles in his first attempt. At Tamakoma Branch, Usami announces that the schedule for the away mission test is up. The breakdown is orientation on March 13, main orientation on March 16, phase 1 on March 17, and phase 2 on March 24. Before orientation, Tamakoma Second must answer a survey of three questions:

  1. Do you wish to join the expedition?
  2. Other than teammates, with whom would you prefer to work on the expedition?
  3. With whom would you prefer not to work?

Osamu and Usami notice that none of Arashiyama Squad, except for Kitora are on the list, reasoning that due to their status as border's PR group they cannot participate. Osamu chooses Kitora, Kikuchihara, Izumi, Azuma, and Ninomiya to be on his list. Yūma chooses Midorikawa, Kageura, Kitazoe, Murakami, and Tōma. Hyuse chooses Azuma, Murakami, Inukai, and Mizukami. Usami chooses Hitomi and Kon.

On March 13, Tamakoma Second goes to the orientation session headed by Kido and Shinoda, where they find everyone from the B-rank mid-tier and above, including A-rank people. Osamu recalls Kido informing them that only A-rank Squad and the top two B-rank Squad would be present. Hyuse reminds Osamu that there could be individual B-rank agents chosen from other Squad .

Kido introduces himself and explains that the primary purpose of the exam was to test the agents' aptitude and determine the strongest Border agents. Even if agents who qualify for the expedition choose to opt out, their achievements in the exam will be duly noted. Shinoda introduces the two phases: the first is one week in a sealed environment, simulating the lengthy period in the expedition ship. Agents will learn how to operate the ship and be tested on their abilities in long-distance voyages. The second phase would be a long-term combat simulation lasting up to one and a half days. Shinoda then announces that Squad would be shuffled, and prepares to name the 11 captains of the provisional Squad .

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in italics are seen only briefly, and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Triggers in Order of Appearance[]

No Triggers were shown over the course of this chapter


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