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The End of the Battle ((タタカ)いの()てに Tatakai no Hate ni?) is episode 35 of the World Trigger anime.

Short Summary[]

Osamu, now in his real body, is impaled by Mira in an attempt to prevent him from taking the "golden chick" to the base. However, Osamu uses Replica to hack the Neighbors' ship and force it to leave, forcing the Aftokrator invaders to leave as well, without completing their objective of capturing Chika.

Long Summary[]

Characters in order of appearance[]

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Triggers in order of appearance[]

Adapted From[]

Differences Between the Anime and Manga[]

  • In the manga, Osamu was unconscious after throwing Replica, and had told Natsume the location of Chika's cube before taking the fake towards the base. In the anime, Osamu is conscious after falling down and tells Natsume where the cube is.
    • The segment where Natsume finds Chika's cube was not shown in the manga.
  • Osamu was not seen being rushed to the ICU in the manga.
  • Kitora and Chika's restoration were not shown in the manga.
  • Chika and Yūma were not seen visiting Osamu at this point in time in the manga.



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