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To The Future (()(ライ)Mirai e?) is episode 73 of the World Trigger anime.

Short Summary[]

With Osamu and Chika's newfound skills, they began strategizing for the upcoming match. Meanwhile, most Border agents are preparing for an invasion from Galopoula.

Long Summary[]

Adapted Chapters[]

Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • These scenes are exclusive to the anime:
    • Mikumo Unit's conversation in Tamakoma Branch's rooftop.
      • Additionally, in the manga, Osamu's line about being excited for a match for the first time was said after Kitora's explanation on Spider.
    • Director Rindō's monologue as he watches Hyuse leaving the base only happened in the anime.
  • similar to the last Episode These scenes are omitted in the anime:
    • All of Katori Squad's and Galopoula's agents' appearances (except for Gatlin at the beginning of the episode).
    • Most of Border's battle with Galopoula
    • Jin, Yōtarō, and Hyuse's arrival to the auditorium.
    • Izumi and Tokieda's appearances before the match's start and their conversation with Sakurako Taketomi about the combating squads.
    • Katori and Kakizaki Squads' appearance before the match's start.
    • Hyuse's flashback and his search for Lampyris inside Tamakoma's base are also omitted from the anime.



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