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An explosion...!! Composite bullets?!

Tatsuya Kuruma on Tomahawk.[1]

Tomahawk (変化炸裂弾(トマホーク) Tomahōku lit. Changing Explosive Bullet?) is a composite bullet created through the combination of Meteor and Viper.[2]


Tomahawk looks identical to Viper mid-flight,[3] and its explosions are no different from Meteor's.[1]


Since composite bullets were discovered by Kōhei Izumi,[4] Tomahawk could not have existed until three years prior to Chika Amatori's and Yūma Kuga's enlistment in Border.[5]


Tomahawk retains the explosive properties of Meteor and the capacity to travel along predetermined trajectories of Viper.[6] Like other composite bullets, it is capable of damaging a Trion Body simply by detonating in its vicinity[1] and cause extensive damage to constructs not made out of trion.[1] Controlling this bullet is known to be extraordinarily difficult.[7] Much like Viper, it benefits from being used by fighters who can freely set its trajectories. Thanks to the radius of the blasts, they can be effective in combat without direct lines of sight[3] by targeting the general location of the opponent.[8] They can also bend its trajectory out of sight in order to keep their position hidden.[9]

Tomahawk can be utilized in trion cube form[10][11] or fired through a firearm.[12] In the latter case, the only known specific is that the firearm is set to shoot exclusively Tomahawk;[12] in the former, the user conjures one Meteor cube and one Viper cube, one from the Main and one from the Sub, and merges them into a single Tomahawk cube.[2] The process lasts between one minute for inexperienced agents and two seconds for Shooters of Izumi's caliber,[13] during which the user is vulnerable to attack; for this reason, Tomahawk cannot be used uniformly in this configuration.[14]


See also: Tomahawk Users

The only known users of this composite bullets are Kōhei Izumi[10], and Rei Nasu.[15]


  • Like many other Gunner Triggers, Tomahawk may be named after a missile, the BGM-109 Tomahawk, commonly known simply as Tomahawk. Alternatively, its name may be derived from the TE-416_Tomahawk rocket.
    • A tomahawk is a one-handed axe used as a tool and a weapon by pre-contact Native Americans.
  • The two known users of this Trigger are the only Border agents capable of setting new patterns for Viper each and every time they use it.[16]
  • Taichi Betsuyaku seemingly recognized Tomahawk from its lower speed in round three.[3] It is currently unknown whether the lower speed is due to a standard setting for this bullet, Nasu's preference, of other factors.


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