An explosion...!! Composite bullets?!

Tatsuya Kuruma on Tomahawk.[1]


Izumi Tomahawk

Nasu Tomahawk manga

Kanji 変化炸裂弾
Rōmaji Tomahōku
Organization BrDr Border
Type White trion Normal (Composite Bullet)
Classification GU Gunner (Meteora icon + Viper icon)
- Explosive bullets
- Wide range
- Preset trajectories
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 59
Anime Episode 27

Tomahawk (変化炸裂弾(トマホーク) Tomahōku?, lit. Changing Explosive Bullet) is a Border Trigger and the composite bullet created through the combination of Meteor and Viper.[2]


Tomahawk looks identical to Viper mid-flight,[3] and its explosions are no different from Meteor's.[1] When used by a Shooter, the size of its bullets depends on their number and the trion capacity of the user.


Since composite bullets were created by Kōhei Izumi,[4] Tomahawk could not have existed until three years prior to Yūma's enlistment in Border.[5]


Tomahawk retains the explosive properties of Meteor and the capacity to travel along predetermined trajectories of Viper.[6] On top of flying complicated routes, its area of attack is wide, so avoiding it completely is next to impossible.[7] It can inflict fatal damage even if the bullets do not hit the target directly.[1] Since it looks like Viper, it is easily mistaken for the latter, unless the subtle difference in speed is noticed, as Tomahawk seems to be slower in general.[3]

Controlling this bullet is known to be extraordinarily difficult.[7] Much like Viper, it benefits from being used by fighters who can freely set its trajectories. Thanks to the radius of the blasts, they can be effective in combat without direct lines of sight,[3] just by guessing the general location of the opponent.[8] They can also curve its trajectory in order not to reveal their position.[9]

As a composite bullet, Tomahawk is very powerful, but, when used by Shooters, it requires times and focus to be created, rendering the user vulnerable in the process, so it cannot be used uniformly.[10] The time necessary to merge the two trion cubes ranges from one minute for inexperienced users to a mere two seconds for masters.[11]


See also: Tomahawk Users

The only known users of this composite bullets are two Shooters, Kōhei Izumi[6] and Rei Nasu.[12] Incidentally, they are the only two Border agents capable of setting new patterns for Viper each and every time they use it.[13]


  • Like many other Gunner Triggers, Tomahawk may be named after a missile, the BGM-109 Tomahawk, commonly known simply as Tomahawk. Alternatively, its name may be derived from the TE-416 Tomahawk rocket.
    • A tomahawk is a one-handed axe used as a tool and a weapon by pre-contact Native Americans.



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