Tomahawk Users
Kōhei Izumi
Izumi Tomahawk
Izumi is able to create Tomahawk in only 2 seconds.[1] By exploiting its ability to travel along preset routes, like Viper, Izumi can bombard the enemy without giving away his exact position by curving the trajectory of the bullets.[2] Thanks to the radius of the blasts, they can be effective in combat without direct lines of sight,[3] just by guessing the general location of the opponent.[4]

Rei Nasu
Nasu Tomahawk
Nasu can fuse Viper and Meteora cubes in a short amount of time to create Tomahawk. She used it with tremendous skill since the first attempt in Rank Battles,[5] thanks to her ability to freely set Viper's trajectories and to guess how the target will move,[6] despite this composite bullet being extremely difficult to control.[7] As her most used offensive Trigger is Viper, the target may not notice she is using Tomahawk at first, increasing the chances her attack will be successful.[3] The wide explosion radius and modifiable patterns of this composite bullet enable her to shoot it without a direct line of sight, and thus without exposing herself to enemy fire.[4] She first used it in chapter 102 (episode 46 in the anime).