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Creation of a Black Trigger

A Black Trigger ((ブラック)トリガー, Burakku Torigā?)[1] is an extraordinarily powerful Trigger created by Trigger users with high trion levels when they pour their life and trion into an object.[1] Since the process inevitably results in the creator's death, Black Triggers are thus considered a legacy for the creator's allies.[1] They strongly reflect the personality of the ones who created them.[1] For this reason, they cannot be activated if there isn't compatibility between the user and the creator's personalities,[1] a downside which normal Triggers don't have. On the other hand, the performance of a Black Trigger is incomparable to that of a normal Trigger.[1]

These Triggers are very rare due to the sacrifice required to create them. Furthermore, luck plays a role in determining whether an individual will be capable of leaving one behind, which further reduces the number of volunteers.[2] However, Side Effects seem to raise the success rate considerably.[3] 7 years prior to the Large Scale Invasion, the planet-nation of Aftokrator had 13 Black Triggers, which is considered an enormous amount[4] — more than twice that of Chion,[5] another superpower in the Neighborhood.[6]

The existence of these Triggers is a crucial factor for warfare in the Neighborhood. In wars, the winning side always tries to avoid pushing the losing one into a corner, fearing that the desperation will lead to the creation of Black Triggers.[7] According to Replica, the past is rife with examples of countries on the verge of victory having to flee due to the appearance of a Black Trigger.[8] This is especially the case in away missions where there is no backup;[8] although it is very rare for more than one Black Trigger to be carried on such expeditions, as they are essential to the defense of a country from external attacks.[5] An exception to this rule is the imminent death of the God of a planet-nation.[9]

Known Black Triggers

Border's Black Triggers

Aftokrator's Black Triggers

The Black Trigger user who nearly killed Yūma.

Black Triggers of Unknown Countries

  • The unknown mercenary's Trigger[10][5]

Ergates' Triggers (Anime Only)

Known Users



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