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A Mother Trigger ((マザー) トリガー Mazā Torigā?),[1] also known as a Queen Trigger (女王(クィーン) トリガー Kuīn Torigā?),[1] is a giant Trigger that makes life possible in the Neighborhood. These Triggers create[1] and preserve[2] the planets hosting Neighbor countries. Each planet has its own Mother Trigger.[1]

A user of this type of Trigger is referred to as God ((かみ) Kami?).[3] Despite the name, they are essentially sacrifices: they become one with the Mother Trigger, watching over the planet for hundreds of years, until they die.[2] When a God dies, the planet risks dying with them.[2] Gods control weather phenomena,[2] and even generate miniature heavenly bodies to act as suns for their planet.[4] If the trion capacity of the God is insufficient, the size of the planet decreases, making it imperative to select sacrifices with exceptional levels of trion.[5] Aftokrator gained its nickname "The Holy Land" as a result of its careful screening of Gods.[5]

Due to the vital importance of Mother Triggers, national politics and power dynamics in the Neighborhood are shaped around them.[6] In times of war, seizing control of the Mother Trigger of an enemy nation ensures victory.[7]


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