Evil Amou 2

Amō in battle.

Amō is an extremely powerful Black Trigger user. His Trigger power seems to cause widespread and, perhaps, indiscriminate destruction. His Trigger is referred to as a "power-type" whereas Jin's Fūjin is a "Jin-type," which refers to Jin's reliance on finesse and sneak attacks rather than brute force.[1] He was able to obliterate a portion of the city, getting rid of Trion Warriors, including 3 Rabbits in the area.[2] He referred to them as small-fry despite the fact that one Rabbit was enough to capture an A-rank level opponent. Karasawa noted that he was superior to Jin in terms of raw power, and at the very least equal to him in overall combat.[3] Shinoda pointed out that sending him meant destruction of the city.[4] Before obtaining his Black Trigger, he was an All Rounder.[5]

Side EffectEdit

Amō has a Side Effect, which seems to be the ability to see combatants as colors, and different colors indicate different levels of strength. It is said to be useful against stealth missions,[6] as he can detect outlines in colour; an example being the detection of humanoid Neighbors hidden in a swarm of Trion Warriors.[7]


Normal TriggerEdit

Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[8] 9 9 9 7 9 5 2 4 54