Black Trigger Capture ArcEdit

Evil Amou 1

Amō mentioned for the first time.

Kido threatened to send Amō after Yūma when Shinoda announced his joining in protecting Yūma. Everyone at the meeting was shocked, because of Amō's sheer strength and inhuman demeanour.[1]

Large-Scale Invasion ArcEdit

Amou vs. Neighbors

Amō about to face multiple Neighbors.

He is sent to eliminate Trion Warriors in the south with Jin. He ends up obliterating the area, and then takes over Jin's area, much to his disdain. After the invasion, he receives a special service award for protecting the city and preventing loss of life. He defeated 3 Rabbits.[citation needed]

B-Class Rank Battles ArcEdit

He is recommended by Azuma to be employed in case another large-scale invasion were to occur due to his Side Effect being apparently useful.[2] During the invasion, he observes the outside forces from within HQ and notices three outliers in strength; those being the 3 humanoid Neighbors. He notes that one of them had strength that rivalled that of Shinoda.