Large-Scale Invasion ArcEdit

Okudera appeared alongside his team fighting regular trion soldiers. He and Noboru Koarai defeated the regular soldiers, and were about to move on when a Rabbit appeared in the wreckage.[1]

Okudera was unable to react to the Rabbit’s appearance fast enough to keep from being hit heavily. He was slammed backwards through several walls. He strugged to get up as Koarai was nearly captured.[2] He and Azuma fell back and coordinated with other B-units under Director Shinoda’s orders.

When Taichi Betsuyaku, Makoto Chano , Itsuki Fujisawa , Atsushi Hokari and Yoshito Hanzaki were eliminated by Lamvanein, he was the one to relay the information to other gathered B-rankers.[3] When Azuma gave the order to surround the humanoid neighbor, he was the first to comply. He quickly got into position nearby Yōsuke Yoneya, and contributed to his shield when he attacked Lamvanein.[4]