A Unit (部隊(ぶたい) Butai?) is a group of Border agents that consists of at least one combatant and one operator and the maximum number of four combatants and one operator.[1]

Ranks[edit | edit source]

The units are separated between A-rank, B-rank, and C-rank units, each with their own rankings. Currently, there are 9 A-rank units, 21 B-rank units, and 1 unregistered C-rank unit which are known throughout the series so far. These rankings are determined by the rank of the unit's lowest ranking member[2] or by points that they acquired during rank battles.[3] Additionally, their movements between ranks depend on their points, performance, and/or conducts.

Uniform[edit | edit source]

Each unit has its own uniform with different basic design.[3] They are created after the designer discusses its specifics with the development department. The majority of the uniforms use basic sports-related uniforms as a base and then add on to it. However, there are some more refined uniforms that are designed entirely by a designer from scratch while some were designed by the unit's members themselves.[2]

Emblem[edit | edit source]

B-rank's emblem

Those that are in B-rank use the same emblem with their current ranking embedded in the design. Meanwhile, those that are in A-rank have the privilege to have their own emblem. Other than being disbanded, they are allowed to keep their emblem even if they are demoted to B-rank.[4] A-rank also can receive a sum of merchandise that has its emblem on it.

Known Units[edit | edit source]

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Tachikawa Unit Fuyushima Unit Kazama Unit Kusakabe Unit Arashiyama Unit
Kako Unit Miwa Unit Katagiri Unit Tamakoma First
Ninomiya Unit Tamakoma Second Kageura Unit Ikoma Unit Ōji Unit
Azuma Unit Nasu Unit Yuba Unit Suzunari First Arafune Unit
Katori Unit Suwa Unit Kakizaki Unit Urushima Unit Ebina Unit
Hayakawa Unit Yoshizato Unit Matsushiro Unit Chano Unit Tokiwa Unit
Mamiya Unit
Kōda Unit

References[edit | edit source]

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