Candid moment no one asked for: yes, I do edit wikia because it gives me a fleeting impression of control and a cheap sense of accomplishment. However, I genuinely enjoy contributing to the creation of a baseline that allows fans of my favorite series to easily retrieve information to geek over, being a geek myself.

Anyway, I have a Viz membership, so I should be able to get good quality images.

Gotta RememberEdit

Boring EditsEdit

  • Add to the infobox of most characters whether they're from HQ or a branch
  • Hyperlink all stages and settings
  • Add factions to character pages?
  • Match furigana to kanji in names?

Images to UpdateEdit

Kuruma Full Attack (168).png
Escudo on Murakami (172).png
Ema snipes Kuruma (172).png
Murakami advances (168).png
Ko Senkuu (172).png
Murakami back Senkuu (172).png
Yuma saves Hyuse (172).png
Hyuse Kogetsu 172.png
Taichi trapped (169).png
Taichi depressed (175).jpg
Azuma trap (174).jpg
Azuma defeats Hyuse (175).jpg
Azuma Shield (175).jpg
Osamu saves Koarai (168).png
Koarai and Okudera flee (173).jpg
Koarai injured (174).jpg
Osamu vs. Okudera (167).png
Kageura grappling Mantis (167).png
Murakami vs. Kageura (168).png
Winding Mantis (168).png
Kageura weaving Scorpion (169).png
Murakami cuts Kageura (169).png
Kageura vs. Murakami & Kuruma (170).png
Kageura walled off (170).png
Hyuse & Yuma charge at Kageura (170).png
Kageura Full Guard (170).png
Hyuse & Yuma vs. Kageura (170).png
Slashing Mantis (170).png
Hyuse delayed Viper (170).png
Kageura Branching Blade (171).png
Kitazoe kicks down a wall (171).png
Kitazoe war face (171).png
Hyuse Shield (171).png
Kitazoe walled off (171).png
Yuma defeats Kitazoe (171).png
Koarai & Okudera Senkuu (172).png
Minamisawa Grasshopper (187).jpg
Hyuse's Viper is blocked (189).jpg
Hyuse bails out (189).jpg
Minamisawa Shield (189).jpg
Obishima no look (190).jpg
Oki in position (185).jpg
Oki Ibis (186).jpg
Hornet (190).jpg
Oki Shield (190).jpg
Oki Full Guard (190).jpg
Oki bails out (190).jpg

Favorite Border FightersEdit

  1. Kirie Konami
  2. Yūma Kuga
  3. Masato Kageura
  4. Hyuse
  5. Rei Nasu
  6. Takuma Yuba
  7. Haruaki Azuma
  8. Sōya Kazama
  9. Tatsuhito Ikoma
  10. Shūji Miwa

Favorite Triggers Edit

Border Edit


Gunner (Shooter)




Aftokrator Edit



Galopoula Edit


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