Viza was part of Hairein's Expedition Force when it arrived in Galopoula to secure the god. Viza served as Hyuse's mentor in swordsmanship for 6 years, until the latter received Lampyris at age 14.

Large-Scale Invasion Arc Edit

Viza, along with Hyuse, confronted Tamakoma First to kidnap Chika. After fighting Konami for a while, he sent a Rabbit to destroy local houses, thereby forcing her to leave the fight and take care of the Rabbit and other Trion Warriors. Reiji Kizaki, assisted by mini-Replica, attempts to stall Viza and Hyuse to allow the C-trainees to escape. Using Organon, Viza quickly defeats Kizaki, but is struck in the knee by his attack just before he bails out.

Viza and Hyuse follow Chika by utilising Hyuse' magnetic trigger. Jin suddenly arrives on the scene and distracts Viza with chatter while Yūma uses Bound to kick him. Yūma sets chains around Viza, but Viza breaks them. Yūma and Jin decide to separate. Yūma launches Viza into the air with a chain and uses Anchor, which was set when Viza broke the previous chains, to slow down Organon. Viza reveals that Aftokrator has been invading all nearby countries, not just Earth. His cloak blocked the anchors.

Viza seems to be winning the fight against Yūma at first, however, his statement "if I take to long, the baby birds will fly away" triggers Yūma's side effect, letting him know that he is acting as a decoy. Viza continues fighting against Yūma until Yūma outwits him by utilising the fact that his normal body is entirely composed of trion. Viza is defeated, but keeps Organon safe. He retreats safely along with the rest of the force, excluding Enedra and Hyuse. He is visibly upset by the fact that Hyuse had to be abandoned.