Xeno (ゼノ Zeno?) is a new character introduced in the World Trigger: Fugitive Arc anime. He is a Neighbor from the country Ergates and a genius Trion Warrior engineer.



Xeno is a short, young boy with messy dark red hair, blue eyes and tan skin. He is seen wearing a sleeveless black bellyshirt with a high cuffed collar, adorned with red stripes around the edges and a large v-shaped stripe running from an side to the other of his chest. He wears baggy cherry brown pants with large white stripes on his hips, and a brown belt which has a greyish brown bag connected to it. He also wears a red wristband on his right arm and a white wristwatch-like device on his left arm; when he transforms into his trion body, it becomes some sort of armor which fully covers his arms, and he uses it to summon Trion Warriors by placing bullet-like shell objects in the gauntlet.


Xeno is a serious and cynical individual. He seems to have no qualms about abducting humans for their trion; however, his methods seem non-lethal. He also seems to care for his Trion Warriors as friends, rather than tools for an end, while he sees Chika simply as a trion dispenser. He is anti-social, rude and lone. In short, he is annoying and very unlikable. He is also very smart, but lacks common sense. He gets scared easily,[citation needed] and isn't able to swim, as he doesn't see utility in it.[citation needed]


Xeno wanted to see the new Trion Warrior developed by Lamia, discovering it to be Lilith. He quickly befriended her and visited her day after day to talk. When he found out she was to be sent to war, he escaped Ergates with her.[citation needed]
Osamu Mikumo
Yūma Kuga
Chika Amatori
Shiori Usami


  • (About the Haunted House) "Entertained people by making they scared?! I don't get it!" [2]


  • Xeno (Ξένο Xéno) is a Greek word meaning "stranger, foreigner, or guest". This could refer to his Neighbor or anti-social nature.
  • Although Xeno himself doesn't appear in the mobile game Smash Borders, his outfit appears as an unlockable outfit for Yūma. Similarly, Lilith's outfit appears as an unlockable outfit for Konami.




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