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Xeno and Lilith (ゼノとリリス Zeno to Ririsu?) is episode 57 of the World Trigger anime.

Short Summary[]

Xeno reveals his story on how he met Lilith and why they escaped from Ergates. Meanwhile, Gieve and Charon try to make a deal with Osamu by asking him to hand over Lilith to them.

Long Summary[]

The episode starts off with an inside look of Ergates and what resembles a favela, then cuts to a younger Xeno who seems to be working on a prototype of Guries. Two boys with the same trigger but clad in blue uniform walk in on Xeno, with one asking if he is done for the day, requesting they eat together. The other boy comments on how pointless this is, as Xeno has no interest in humans. Xeno, not taking very kindly to this, tells them to watch their mouths. The students go along with him, claiming he is the "most brilliant student" out of all the research students by far, and with this logic Xeno suggests calling himself Xeno-sama.

With this Xeno and his fellow students do target practice with their Guries' and shows how Xeno's guries took out the target with only a single shot unlike his classmates who either kept missing or failed to destory the target. This prompts the previously shown student to start going off on Xeno saying it is expected for someone who doesn't care for humans, then suggests a cockfight between their trion soldiers to which Xeno refuses as he doesn't want to destroy the other students trion soldier.

Xeno now in a cafeteria and overhears two students. They starting talking about a rumor that Dr. Lamia made a new type of trion soldier, one of duo sees Xeno and mocks him to take a jab at him. At night Xeno breaks in into an unknown building that houses Lilith. Xeno asks himself if lilith was a trion soldier, Lilith then wakes up and asks Xeno who he is to which Xeno then tells her his name. Lilith then asks Xeno if he is human, which he says yes to, Lilith then asks if she is dreaming, Xeno then asks if Trion Soldiers can even dream. Xeno then gets a notification that a guard is coming so xeno tells lilith that he will be back tomorrow night.

Debatable Canon[]

  • The setting showed in the beginning may or may not house the school.
  • Their academic ranking system/scaling might use differently colored and designed uniforms to symbolize status.
  • student says Xeno is the best out of the research students, implying there are different departments; so this could be a higher-education college or university. However with the way the students act, it is more like an intermediate high school, so their school system would be faster-paced than Mikado City's.


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