B-Rank Rank Battles ArcEdit

She is on defense duty on February 19. She complains that her team is disadvantaged because they're busy with defense duty and therefore cannot prepare adequately. Wakamura suggests watching the logs first before making judgements. She dismisses it, stating that they haven't lose to Kakizaki Unit in a while, and Tamakoma Second wasn't as great as they seemed as they suffered an embarrassing defeat by the top B-Class units. Wakamura still says that they should not be underestimated, leading into an argument, which is broken up by Somei. Later, whilst preparing for the Rank Battle, she is criticized by Wakamura for being nonchalant and arrogant, not just about the match, but improving herself in general. She simply dismisses Wakamura, and the Rank Battle begins. She is teleoported near Yūma. She proceeds to attack him, but she is more or less even with him. However, he has a subliminal strategy of luring her near Osamu, and she trips on his Spider. Chika shoots at her, but Katori is protected Miura and Wakamura.