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Yōtarō Rindō 2 ((りん)(どう) (よう)()(ろう)Rindō Yōtarō 2 ?) is Chapter 134 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

After he introduces himself, Hyuse asks Reghindetz to bring him to their Expedition Ship and help him return to Aftokrator. However, Reghindetz is hesitant to do so, especially after the appearance of Yōtarō, who is holding Lampyris.

Long Summary[]

Hyuse introduces himself to Reghindetz and asks him to take him to their ship. Reghindetz recalls Orkan Marduk's order to not allow Hyuse to join them. During Reghindetz's shock, Yōtarō shows up on Raijinmaru.

Gatlin attempts one last shot at the ship, though Murakami easily blocks it. Gatlin, and Orkan soon after, retreats into a gate in a similar fashion as Border's Bail Out. When Sawamura reports that the other two also did the same, Kinuta points out that it's not surprising that Galopoula has technology similar to Border, since they also copy them from Neighbor's technology. Most of the Trion Soldiers are on the retreat, but Masafumi Shinoda orders that the ground troops continue to defend while not chasing them too far. Tachikawa expresses his joy on the overwhelming victory, and he manipulated Jin's prophecy to his advantage.

Yōtaro returns Lampyris to Hyuse. He recalls discussing Hyuse's desire to return to Aftokrator with Jin. When Jin asks how Yōtarō would feel about Hyuse joining Tamakoma Second, Yōtarō said he would be happy. When asked how he would feel if Hyuse returned to Aftokrator, Yōtarō states that he would want him to go back if the latter felt that way. Jin then gives Lampyris to Yōtarō, who in turn gives it to Hyuse in the present. Hyuse thanks him. Yomi informs Reghindetz of the defeat of his comrades, and the failure of the mission. Reghindetz is unsatisfied, and refuses to let Hyuse come unconditionally. He accuses Hyuse of giving information to Border. He explains that if Hyuse wants to prove himself, then he has to take Yōtarō hostage. Jin is watching from the roof of HQ.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

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