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Yōtarō Rindō 3 ((りん)(どう) (よう)()(ろう)Rindō Yōtarō 3 ?) is Chapter 201 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Ratarykov and Reghindetz attempt to sneak into Mikado City without using trion bodies, but are found by Yōtarō, Jin, and Rindō. The two parties negotiate a nonviolent solution to their conflict.

Long Summary[]

At the time Osamu and his friends had been dining with Ninomiya Squad, Ratarykov had decided to gather information by infiltrating Mikado City in his real body. This way, he would avoid detection associated with trion bodies. Gatlin approved and had Reghindetz accompany him. While walking in Mikado City, the two expressed surprise at the fact that the city is active even at night, and mistakenly assumed that trion powers the light bulbs. The two concurred that it would be wise to avoid attacking the urban area, but they still needed to delay Border somehow. Suddenly, Yōtarō appeared and declared that he has found the two. Jin and Rindō arrived. Jin explains to Osamu and Yūma that Border was interested in contacting Galopoula so that they could avoid having the vassal nation interfere with Border's operations.

The three Border members introduced themselves to the Neighbors, and the Neighbors reciprocated. Though Ratarykov accepted that they could be arrested, Rindō informed them that Border simply wants them to abandon their mission. He explained that the current hypothesis was that Galopoula wanted to attack Border, but not cause so much destruction as to invoke Border's wrath, which is why the city was not targeted in the recent invasion. However, they still had to deal with pressure from Aftokrator. He further explained that Border wishes to avoid being the target of civilian anger; as such, they would prefer a nonviolent resolution. He made a deal with the Galopoula agents: Border would delay its expedition, which was to take place soon, by 50 days. In turn, Galopoula would not attack Mikado City. Jin, while discussing the conversation with Osamu and Yūma, explains that this was a partial lie since Border was already going to take 50 days to prepare for the expedition. Ratarykov and Reghindetz remained skeptical of the deal, so Rindō made two other proposals: to establish friendly relations between Border and Galopoula, and to get information on Aftokrator's other vassal states. Jin revealed that the prisoner of war and another source of information did not reveal much. Rindō said that since the stronger Border agents were going to be deployed in the away mission, Border would be less well-defended.Ratarykov saw the logic behind the request, but abstained from making a decision since that was up to Gatlin. He asked Rindō how Border acquired a Mother Trigger, revealing that he had detected one below HQ during their previous invasion.

Rindō recounted that it was acquired when Border was still a growing organization. The three circles on the Tamakoma emblem represented three allied nations in the Neighborhood: Dexia, Meson, and Aristera. The Galopoula agents recognized Aristera as the nation that had fallen and lost its Mother Trigger. Rindō revealed that Border had in fact taken possession of the Mother Trigger since it was passed down to the remaining royals: prince Yōtarō Rindō and princess Ruka Shinoda.

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