Jin is an A-Rank (former S-Rank) Border agent, as well as a member of the Tamakoma Branch; as such, he is very powerful. He is able to take on various Trion Warriors on his own at the same time.[1] Although part of his strength is owed to his Side Effect, Jin boasts a high level of skill. For the purposes of defense missions, he is considered the equivalent of one unit by himself.[BBF Q218] Using Scorpion, he is strong enough to fight on equal ground against Hyuse, who is a very skilled combatant in his own right possessing one of Aftokrator's Enhanced Triggers. Jin's fighting prowess with Kogetsu made him second only to Tachikawa,[2] Border's current highest ranked Attacker and solo fighter. After the creation of Scorpion, all their fights started ending in ties.[2] He retains a high level of skill even with a normal blade, however, as shown by his ability to fend off Tachikawa and all of Kazama Unit with a sealed Fūjin. Since he can predict the enemy's attacks, instead of blocking he can simply dodge them or avert the trajectory.[3] His Side Effects also makes him a very hard target for Snipers, as he can foretell where they will attack him from. If he perceives an enemy can be agitated easily, he can use his predictions to manipulate them.[3] He can integrate elements of hand-to-hand combat in his swordsmanship, using his legs to throw an opponent off balance or if they get too close. Futher proof of his strength is the fact that he was able to defeat Tachikawa and all of Kazama Unit with his Black Trigger.

Side EffectEdit

Foresight: Jin is able to see some of the near potential futures of people around him, but is unable to see the future of people he hasn't met. He can use this ability in battle, and it works especially well in conjunction with Fūjin. However, he does not see everything and cannot predict certain attacks. The exact details of this weakness are unknown. According to the author in a Q&A, he can see several years into the future that's pretty certain (high probability of actualization). But he can't see very far into uncertain futures that might be tinkered with.


Yūichi Jin's Triggers
Type: White trion Normal Scorpion
Jin Scorpion
Classification: AT Attacker
Scorpion was developed by Jin with the help of Border's engineers. It allowed him to finally be Kei's equal in swordsmanship as well as to swiftly defeat all Fūjin candidates. Jin's basic fighting style sees him wielding two Scorpions, quickly stepping in range and attacking.[3] Thus far, he has never used any of Scorpion's special abilities, simply wielding it like a dagger. By enabling him to dodge instead of blocking, his Side Effect allows Jin to compensate for the low durability of the Trigger. In the anime, it was shown that he was able to swing quickly enough to deflect bullets one-by-one.

Type: White trion Normal Escudo
Jin Escudo barricade
Classification: DE Defense
Escudo causes a very durable shield to come out of the ground or another surface. By erecting many of them at once, Jin can also use it to block a target's path, or to restrain them.

Type: White trion Normal Kogetsu
Jin Kogetsu
Classification: Kogetsu icon Attacker
Border's first Attacker Trigger, Jin was extremely proficient with it, reaching the position of no.2 Attacker and Solo Combatant.[2] However, he knew he could not beat Tachikawa with it, and so he created Scorpion, using it as his main Trigger from that moment on.[2]

Type: Black trion Black Fūjin
Jin Fuujin

Fūjin used to be Jin's main Trigger. It has a sharper and lighter blade than Kogetsu, but its main feature is the ability to emit slash attacks that travel along the surface of objects and emerge to strike anywhere the user can see. The number of such slashes that the user can make before recharging is indicated by ribbons of light. In Jin's case, it is eleven. With his Side Effect, Jin can lay elaborate traps with Fujin and escape danger while recharging slashes.


Normal TriggerEdit

Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[4] 7 10 15 7 9 1 7 3 59

Black TriggerEdit

Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[5] 37 24 18 7 9 10 7 8 120