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Yūichi Jin 4 ((じん) (ゆう)(いち)Jin Yūichi 4 ?) is Chapter 28 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Jin fights Kazama and Tachikawa with all of his extra blades.

Long Summary[]

Somewhere inside the Danger Zone, Kodera seems a bit spooked by Jin's sudden attack on Kikuchihara which forces him to bail out. Narasaka tells him to calm down, saying Jin's action is an obvious one during a fight. Meanwhile, Kitora provokes Yōsuke on the fact that he just lost a comrade.

Jin remarks that he has no other choice but to retaliate. As Kazama tells Utagawa to prepare for stealth combat, Jin unleashes another wave of Fūjin's blades towards them and manage to land an massive hit on Utagawa. He and Kazama then activate Chameleon and disappear. While Jin continues to fight Tachikawa, Kazama explains to Utagawa that Fūjin can attack anywhere he sees. The ribbons of light emitted by Fūjin indicate the number of slashes he has left before he has to reload. Kazama orders the snipers to provide Tachikawa with support, who pressures Jin by remaining close and preventing Jin from using Fūjin's ability.

After a few bouts, Tachikawa appears to corner Jin in a small garage, but Jin manages to send slashes through the walls and ceilings to hit Tachikawa multiple times. Kazama and Utagawa attack and Jin cuts Utagawa in half with Fūjin's final slash. Kazama manages to injure Jin with a Scorpion that extends from his foot and up from underground. Thinking they have caught Jin, Tachikawa moves to attack. However, Jin hid one last slash in the garage wall in advance and uses it to slash Kazama. Jin then mocks them by saying that Fūjin and his Side Effect work too well together.

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