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Yūichi Jin 8 ((じん) (ゆう)(いち)Jin Yūichi 8 ?) is Chapter 111 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Tamakoma Second enters Round 4 of Rank Wars in 4-way match against Ninomiya Squad, Kageura Squad and Azuma Squad.

Long Summary[]


Azuma gives Koarai permission to play with the map settings once he though it out.

Flashback End

The map that Azuma Squad chose was Cityscape B with the weather as snow with said snow being about 30 cm deep. Kako and Kazama note that it wasn't Azuma's style and most likely Koarai's idea. Ayatsuji points out that the combatants were evenly distributed across the map. In the arena, Tsuji observes that there weren't many enemies on Radar, and Hiyami explains that Azuma Squad is probably using Bagworm and might try a surprise attack. Tamakoma Second and Azuma Squad were trying to reunite, whereas Kageura Squad was trying to fight as it is. Azuma Squad managed to reunite first and set Osamu as their target.

Kitazoe's Meteor

Osamu, finding it difficult to move, wonders whether he should use Bagworm, when he is nearly hit by a Meteor, shot by Kitazoe, who had shot at others. After Ninomiya dodges it, he attacks Kitazoe with his Asteroid due to his proximity. After Kitazoe barely manages to jump out of the way, he calls for Ema for assistance so he tries sniping at Ninomiya, though the latter easily blocks it, and then Ninomiya goes on to hunt them down. He orders Tsuji and Inukai to hunt down Tamakoma Second. Kageura hunts down Yūma, desiring a fight with him. The commentators explain the situation and their analyses and Kako points out that a brawl would be advantageous for Kageura, since the only one who could stop him this round is Ninomiya.

At Tamakoma Branch, Hyuse comments that everyone would aim for Tamakoma Second since they were the weakest, much to Yōtarō's dismay. Jin then makes a bet with Hyuse; if Tamakoma Second loses, then the former would do any one thing for the latter, like returning Lampyris, but if Tamakoma Second wins, the vice-versa occurs. Hyuse agrees.

Back in the battle, Inukai reaches his target: Osamu, and the two prepare to fight.

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