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Yūichi Jin 9 ((じん) (ゆう)(いち)Jin Yūichi 9 ?) is Chapter 116 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Osamu states his reason for wanting to recruit Jin into his unit.

Long Summary[]

Osamu asks Jin to join his unit, and Jin responds that he wasn't allowed. Osamu refutes this, having asked Usami about the regulations concerning adding new members during Rank Battles. Osamu explains that he saw the difference in ability between Tamakoma Second and the upper B-Rank units after the Rank Battle. By adding Jin, he would effectively be able to get to A-Rank sooner. When asked by Jin about why he was hurrying, he responds that Yūma's real body may die soon, and he would rather have Yūma reunite with Replica sooner. Jin still denies joining Tamakoma Second, saying that he had other things to do. Osamu apologizes for the request, but Jin forgives him, revealing that during the invasion, he foresaw the Aftokrator Neighbors aiming for Chika, but regardless, had her stay where they could catch her so losses in other places could be reduced. Jin apologizes, only for his forgiveness to be reciprocated by Osamu. He assures Osamu that he would help him out when he could. He also states that there was someone more worthy of joining than he.

Osamu cheers Yūma and Chika up after the Rank Battle by pointing out that they managed to get even one point, while many other teams simply ran away or delayed until Time Out. He declares that they would reduce the gap in points.

Jin walks with Kazama and talks about Osamu's offer to him. He explains that Kazama's words motivated him to do such. They join a meeting, an emergency defense meeting.

Translation error[]

in Viz's translation of the chapter, the name isn't fully shown but ended with "ko" which makes no sense as the only squad that fits is Kako Squad which is an A-rank Squad while in the japanese version, it clearly says "Yuba Squad".

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

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