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Yūichi Jin and Arashiyama Squad vs. Border's Top Teams is a fight between Border agents, Yūichi Jin and Arashiyama Squad Versus Tachikawa Squad (except Yuiga), Kazama Squad, Fuyushima Squad (except Fuyushima) and Miwa Squad.


Masamune Kido had ordered HQ top teams to get rid of Yūma and take his Black Trigger after Miwa Squad's failure. On their way to Tamakoma Branch, they face Jin, who refused to let them through. Before a battle ensues, Arashiyama Squad joins Jin's side.



Kido was still determined to get the Black Trigger. Shinoda threatened to intervene on Yūma's behalf if Kido were to continue. Kido responded with his own threat: the employment of Tsukihiko Amō. Shinoda was shocked that Kido would go so far, as a battle with Amō could potentially lead to the annihilation of the city. Jin approached Kido and offered him Fūjin in return for Yūma's safety and permission for Yūma to join Border, promising Kido that Yūma would be useful for Kido's ultimate goals. Kido accepted, ending the ordeal peacefully.



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