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This article is about Chapter 2. For other uses, see Yūma Kuga (disambiguation).

Yūma Kuga (()() (ゆう)() Kuga Yūma ?) is Chapter 2 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short summary[]

Yūma and Osamu are walking away from the site of the neighbor attack when Miwa and Yōsuke arrive, wondering what happened.

Long summary[]

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two A-rank agents from the #7 A-Rank Squad arrive to the scene after the neighbor was destroyed. Yōsuke comments on the damage, saying it must be someone from A-Rank to which Miwa agrees with, His Operator tells Miwa that there was no squads who arrived before them which confuses Miwa and asks who could of done it.

Osamu runs after Yūma, Osamu then loudly asks about what Yūma means by he is a neighbor as he thinks they are the giant things but he explains that those are trion soldiers. real neighbors are humans just like the people on meeden but then says he has nothing to do with the attacks and mentions that there are many types of people on the other side.

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