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This article is about Chapter 94. For other uses, see Yūma Kuga (disambiguation).

Yūma Kuga 11 (()() (ゆう)()Kuga Yūma 11 ?) is Chapter 94 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

The teams participating in the third match day session begin strategizing for their upcoming battle.

Long Summary[]

Konami expresses shock that Yūma lost a battle. When Yūma reveals that it was Murakami that defeated him, Usami explains the mechanics behind his Side Effect which allowed him to defeat Yūma. While Konami is unsettled at the fact that Yūma gave Murakami an advantage, Yūma assures her that it would be alright. Osamu asks Usami about the rumor that Arafune quit being an Attacker because of Murakami, and she explains that Arafune was the one to mentor him, but Murakami managed to surpass him quickly. At that point, Arafune became a Sniper. Konami tells Osamu to also consider Nasu Squad.

Kuruma is impressed by the fact that Yūma did so well against Murakami, though Kon is confident that it means Murakami will beat Yūma. Murakami points out that Yūma wasn't going all-out before, and that even though he could probably take him down in battle, it would be better to have the support of the team. Taichi enters and tries to get water for cup ramen, but ends up dropping it.

Nasu Squad watches the battle between Yūma and Murakami, pointing out Yūma's excellent skill, to the point where they mistake him to be the tactician. Nasu points out Chika's cannonfire, but Shiki notes that she didn't actually score any points. They make a basic strategy of making the battle mid-range so that Murakami and Yūma, the two aces, would have a difficult time.

As Yūma sits on the rooftop of Tamakoma Branch, Director Rindō greets him, bringing him a hot drink. Rindō tells Yūma that Osamu was worried that he was feeling depressed due to losing to Murakami. Yūma affirms that he enjoyed fighting stronger opponents, especially since in the system, the loser didn't die. Rindō reveals he and Kinuta came up with that, and that Yūgo came up with the entire system.

On Saturday morning, the Rank Battle finally begins.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

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Side Effects[]


  • The "Cap Noodle" noodle brand is a clear reference to the real life Cup Noodles.


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