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Yūma Kuga 2 (空閑 遊真 ➁ Kuga Yūma 2?) is chapter 3 of the World Trigger manga.

Short summary[]

Osamu stands up to the bullies again, and Yūma scares them away. Yūma tells everyone he grew up in war zones. An abnormal gate opens up and sends out two Neighbors to attack the school.

Long summary[]

Osamu tells Yuma not to tell people that he is a neighbor and not to use his trigger during lunch at school the next day. Replica agrees, saying that there would be nothing to gain by attracting Border's attention. Just then, the bullies come and tell everyone on the roof that they must pay a fee of 500 yen for using the roof. Osamu stands up and tells them to stop screwing around. The leader of the bullies knocks him down with his crutch. Yuma asks Osamu if the bullies had a short memory, as they seemed to have no memory of yesterday's events. Osamu tells Yuma that people taken under the "protection" of Border have their memories wiped to protect secret information. Yuma then asks if it would be wrong to "send them flying", and Osamu replies yes. Yuma stomps his foot on the ground, sending a shockwave through the ground while injuring the leader's foot. The leader is startled and the bullies let everyone go when Yuma asks them to get out of the way.

Later, Osamu and Yuma's classmates ask Yuma questions, and suggest he doesn't seem like a normal person. Yuma replies that he is normal, and Osamu quietly thinks to himself that Yuma is standing out. Their classmates asked more questions, which included asking where he was from and what customs were popular there. Yuma mentions that war is popular there. Osamu then realizes that war has shaped Yuma into who he is today. Miyoshi then starts explaining about neighbors when Yuma lies that he only knows some things about neighbors. He wonders out loud how to join Border. Yuma starts to tell him if he wanted to join Border, he should ask Osamu, but Osamu pulled him aside. He reveals that he works for Border in secret. Yuma asks him that if he worked for Border, why should he hide him, since neighbors have a terrible reputation in Mikado City. Osamu says that he thinks that Yuma isn't like normal neighbors, but if Yuma makes one wrong move, he will turn him into Border. Yuma then realizes that he was lucky to meet someone like Osamu. Just then, a gate opens right outside the school, outside the danger zone. Two marmods came out and started to attack the school. Everyone evacuates safely, except the students in Minamikan building. Outside, Yuma asks Osamu what he's going to do. Osamu replies that he'll hold the neighbors back.

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