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Yūma Kuga 8 (()() (ゆう)()Kuga Yūma 8 ?) is Chapter 40 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short summary[]

Yūma fights Midorikawa in a Solo Rank War.

Long summary[]

Before they begin, Midorikawa instructs Yūma on how to accept a fight with an official agent. Since he cannot receive points from beating Yūma, Midorikawa intends to take the points from Osamu instead. Yūma agrees, saying only if Midorikawa wins. Thinking of his time with Konami, Yūma suggests going for ten rounds. In the lobby, Osamu is surprised to learn that Midorikawa belongs to the A-Rank no. 4 Squad. Yōtarō asks him that, between him and Midorikawa, who is stronger. Yōsuke replies that Midorikawa should be stronger since he is only a Middle School student.

As the battle starts, Yūma quickly loses the first two rounds. Spectators, including Osamu, are in awe of the apparent difference between A-Rank and rookie agents. Yōsuke remarks that there is a huge difference in experience, which infuriates Yōtarō. But he corrects him, saying that he is referring to Yūma's experience, not Midorikawa's. As Yūma wins the next round, Yōsuke notes that there's no way he'd lose to Midorikawa anymore as he was able to handle his squad four to one so he should be able to handle a 1v1 match with Midorikawa, He adds that it seems Yūma really wants to beat up Midorikawa. Yūma then proceeds to win two straight rounds, confusing Midorikawa.

Yōsuke says that Midorikawa is a talented agent, but since he joined only about a year ago, he craves the attention to himself. Yūma, on the other hand, has the movements of someone who will absolutely defeat his enemy. Yūma continues to win and confronts Midorikawa about attempting to ruin Osamu's reputation, saying he will defeat Midorikawa in Osamu's place so he will never try anything like that again. Midorikawa actually smiles and remarks to himself that Yūma is strong.

In the meeting room, when Shinoda notices that Kazama is distracted, Kazama notes that Yūma is soundly beating Midorikawa in the Rank War Hall, which shocks Miwa and Commander Kido.

In the tenth round, Yūma asks Midorikawa why he doesn't use other Triggers, which the latter explains that this way he can see their differences better. Yūma quickly defeats Midorikawa and walks out to join Osamu and the others. When Yōsuke challenges Yūma, Jin walks up and asks Yūma and Osamu to follow him to see Kido.

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