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This page is about the volume. For other intentions, see Yuba Squad (disambiguation).

Yuba Squad (弓場 隊 Yuba-tai ?) is volume 21 of the World Trigger Manga.


The final match of the B-Rank Wars is coming up, and while some of the competition looks familiar, an unfamiliar squad is thrown into the mix—Yuba Squad. While Osamu and Yuma go to scout them out, Hyuse and the rest of Tamakoma help Chika come to terms with her insecurities and get to the root of her inability to shoot people. With the match looming, will Tamakoma-2 be able to pull it together in time to go up against new and old foes?!

Cover Characters[]

Front Cover

Back Cover


  1. Chika Amatori 7 (雨取 千佳 ➆, Amatori Chika 7?)
  2. Kazuma Satomi (里見 一馬, Satomi Kazuma?)
  3. Takuma Yuba (弓場 拓磨, Yuba Takuma?)
  4. Tamakoma Branch 6 (玉狛支部 ➅, Tamakoma-shibu 6?)
  5. Tamakoma Branch 7 (玉狛支部 ⑦, Tamakoma-shibu 7?)
  6. Yuba Squad (弓場隊, Yuba-tai?)
  7. Ninomiya Squad 2 (二宮隊 ➁, Ninomiya-tai 2?)
  8. Hyuse 8 (ヒュース ⑧, Hyūsu 8?)
  9. Yuba Squad 2 (弓場隊 ②, Yuba-tai 2?)

Author's Notes[]

"I went to a bento shop for eight years straight on days I was working on a manuscript, and now it's closed. A food crisis looms. The katsu-and-rice combo at a wholesale cost has been lost. With this dark development, the era descends into chaos... This is World Trigger, Volume 21."

Introduced Characters[]

Story Arc[]