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This page is about the chapter. For other intentions, see Yuba Squad (disambiguation).

Yuba Squad 3 (弓場隊 ③ Yuba-tai 3?) is chapter 190 of the World Trigger manga.

Short Summary[]

With Hyuse eliminated, the remaining combatants begin confronting each other head-on as Tamakoma Second joins the fray.

Long Summary[]

Izumi greets Karasuma at the viewing of the rank battle. Izumi asks Karasuma how he feels about the loss of Hyuse. Karasuma is confident that Tamakoma Second has contingency plans, though he has concerns for Minamisawa, who is caught in a pincer.

Yuba debates whether he should assist Obishima in fighting Minamisawa or go after Inukai to prevent Ninomiya Squad from unitng. Obishima urges him to go after Inukai, so he leaves her in his trust. Yuba engages Inukai in a close-range firefight. With his superior speed as a shooter, Yuba overwhelms Inukai, so the latter flees. Osamu leaves Chika on a roof, instructing her not to use Meteor, but rather, to use Hound. Tonooka uses the opportunity to attempt to snipe Chika, but Chika blocks his shot. Because the roof on which she was perched had surrounding walls except for one area, there was only one direction from which he could shoot; as such, Tonooka's position is revealed. Chika launches Hound at him. Tonooka jumps off the building to avoid it, but gets shot by Oki in the process. Chika resolves to not miss another target. Oki instructs Minamisawa to lure Obishima towards him. While he is on his way to intercept Minamisawa, he gets attacked by Ninomiya's mixed bullets. While he attempts to dodge them, he gets bisected by Tsuji. The commentators note that the tactic employed was atypical of Ninomiya Squad, as Ninomiya prefers keeping a member of his close to him when using mixed bullets.

Yūma joins the battle between Obishima and Minamisawa. While Minamisawa is hoping he and Obishima can team up against Yūma, Obishima exploits Minamisawa's optimism by feigning attacking Yūma, but at the last moment, fires at Minamisawa. With that, Yūma and Obishima engage each other.

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