Yuba Unit (弓場隊 Yuba-tai?) is chapter 184 of the World Trigger manga.

Short SummaryEdit

All the participating teams strategize and prepare for the upcoming rank battle.

Long SummaryEdit

Taketomi reveals the three other commentators: Konami, Ōji, and Kazuki Kurauchi. They discuss the results of the rank battle between Azuma Unit, Kageura Unit, and Ōji Unit. Ōji talks about how Okudera and Koarai overwhelmed them, and that Kageura was shot down by Azuma. Konami is confident that Tamakoma Second can get the necessary points required to move themselves to second place in B-rank. Ōji has a bleaker assessment, noting that survival points will be difficult to gain since Ninomiya seldom uses Bail Out. Konami asserts that Osamu has a plan to deal with Ninomiya. Yuba Unit picks Cityscape B, which is their usual map. Ōji and Kurauchi note that without Kanda, Yuba Unit will have a difficult time in the battle.

At Tamakoma Branch, Osamu reveals that their plan is to reunite wherever Chika is. Once Hyuse and Chika are together, they will fire powerful shots. Ideally, Osamu and Yūma would hide in wire traps while Chika and Hyuse attacked. Ninomiya, Yuba, and Ikoma would have to be located, and Hyuse would have to keep Chika out of the range of Ikoma's powerful Senkū. They would also have to avoid a Gimlet from Ninomiya Unit. In case Chika and Hyuse cannot unite, then Hyuse and Yūma will function as attackers.

Seeing the massive threat that Chika poses, Yuba orders Tonooka to target Chika only. He also reminds Obishima that Yūma will likely have a different attack pattern prepared. Fujimaru reminds them that Kanda would be disappointed if they failed.

Ikoma talks about how he witnessed the battle between Jin and Tachikawa. The rest of the unit talk about interesting stories. Hosoi asks whether they should go after Chika immediately, and Ikoma tells her to stay tuned.

Inukai and Tsuji practice shooting targets when they are summoned for battle by Ninomiya.

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