Large-Scale Invasion ArcEdit

She makes a brief cameo during Replica's explanation on Tamakoma's Trigger.[1]

B-Rank Rank Battles ArcEdit

She is mentioned by Konami after Hyuse has officially joined Tamakoma Second as a member. She is later seen walking towards Tamakoma's base with Cronin after returning from scouting new members for Border.[2]

As soon she enter the base, she is greeted by Reiji and Konami who are clearly happy to see her and Cronin. She then is introduced to the members of Tamakoma Second. As they finished their introduction, Takumi and Yōtaro enter the room and greet her. When Yōtaro introduce Chika as his "bride", she jokingly replied that she thought that she was supposed to be his bride, to which he remarks that she is his first bride while Chika is the second. Clearly enraged by Yōtaro's proclamation, Reiji abruptly ends their conversation. She later proceeds to discuss her scouting mission with Takumi.

As the rest are off with their business, Yuri asks for Chika and Reiji's help to prepare Osamu's room, a room that used to be Kido's bedroom. Afterwards, when Osamu finds an old group picture, she proceeds by telling him about the history of Border, starting from the formation of Old Border.[3] As she finishes the story, Konami enters the room only to feel embarrassed after seeing the picture. Her embarrassment only escalates when Yuri reminds her of how her younger self acted towards Takumi.