As a member of a unit in the upper tier of B-Rank, Kashio is a capable combatant. Although most teams generally prioritize regrouping during Rank Wars, Kashio's captain, a notoriously prudent strategist, has enough confidence in his abilities to let him act on his own.[1] He was able to hold his own against Minamisawa[2] and eventually defeat him with Kurauchi's assistence.[3] However, despite barely managing to block his sneak attack,[4] he was no match for Yūma, who easily cut off his arm.[5]

As an Attacker who also uses Hound, Kashio can instantly switch between close and mid-quarters combat,[6] and fight effectively even after the loss of an arm.[7] He is also moderately perceptive, realizing Ikoma would attack Karauchi in time to support him[8] and detecting Chika's hop while chasing her,[9] although it turned out to be a trick.

Like the rest of his unit, Kashio is known to be a top-level runner,[10] which allows him to cross the map quickly and pick off the weakest targets first, as well as to find out the hiding spots of Snipers.[1] He is quick enough to dodge a frontal Eaglet shot when he knows the Sniper's position.[11]


Yutaka Kashio's Triggers
Type: White trion Normal Bagworm
Bagworm (Kashio)
Classification: OP Option
An Optional Trigger that renders the user invisible to Radar for as long as it remains active. Kashio uses it to approach weak targets undetected,[12] turning it off before engaging in a fight.[13] He first used it in Chapter 152.

Type: White trion Normal Kogetsu
Kogetsu (Kashio)
Classification: AT Attacker
Kashio is quite efficient in using Kogetsu, being capale of holding his own in a swordfight against an Attacker[2] who has reached Master Class.[14] He first used it in Chapter 152.

Type: White trion Normal Hound
Kashio Hound
Classification: GU Attacker
Despite being an Attacker, Kashio can use Hound proficiently. It allows him to fight in mid-range,[6] and makes him dangerous in open areas when he fights alongside his teammates.[15] He is capable of using it to attack an opponent from two different directions at the same time,[6] making defending from it rather difficult, especially at close range. He first used it in Chapter 153.

Type: White trion Normal Shield
Kashio Shield
Classification: Defense Defense
Border's default Defense Trigger that enables the user to create a transparent barrier that can block an opponent's attacks. Kashio first used it in Chapter 154.

Type: White trion Normal Grasshopper
Kashio Grasshopper
Classification: OP Optional
Kashio uses this Trigger to assist his teammates during combat.[8] He first used it in Chapter 154.