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Yuzuru Ema (()() ユズル Ema Yuzuru ?) is Chapter 108 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Chika asks Ema about Hatohara while Murakami informs Yūma about Kageura and his squad.

Long Summary[]

At the Sniper training room Tōma tells Narasaka to try sniping with a cat on his head, claiming it to be a refreshing experience, but Narasaka refuses. Hiura is amazed by Ema's skill, realizing that's why he was consistently a bad performer in practices. When he blushes after being praised by Chika, Tōma teases him for being popular with girls. He then introduces Ema to the girls, with Natsume surprised to learn he's 14 too, as she thought he was younger. The girls introduce themselves and Hiura informs him of Chika's status as Tamakoma's cannon. Yuzuru replies knowing nothing about that, as he doesn't watch recordings. When Izuho asks if Tōma is his mentor, Tōma says yes but Ema denies this, announcing he is only acting as his mentor, which saddens Tōma. He adds that Hatohara is his one and only mentor.

Narasaka leaves the room along with Hiura, who has a team meeting. Afterward, Tōma teaches Natsume by correcting her aim, noting she has the tendency to veer to the left. Meanwhile, Chika inquires Ema about Hatohara. He says that Hatohara quit Border after being laid off the Expedition Force. He explains she joined Border for that very purpose, even passing the selection test. But the higher-ups removed her unit afterward because she never hit people. He adds that she was an excellent sniper who brought victories by sniping weapons instead. Chika tells him that she cannot hit people as well because she's afraid; Ema says that's not something you admit to your next opponent.

In the solo battle room, Yūma loses 6-9 to Murakami. He asks Murakami if Kageura is the top 3rd attacker, to which he replies that he's around 20th. When asked about his strength, Murakami says that he has more losses than victories against Tachikawa, Kazama, Kageura, and Konami. He also adds that he has never fought against Jin, as he was already S-rank when he joined. Yūma then asks him about Kageura Unit; Murakami informs him that the unit has an Attacker - Gunner/Shooter - Sniper makeup too. He mentions the unit was once an A-Rank unit, and, along with Ninomiya Unit, they are the undisputed top-2 amongst B-ranks.

Kageura lashes out.

At the solo battle common area, two C-ranks are gossiping about an agent, who turns out to be Kageura. They comment on his stupidity for losing 8000 points, alongside his team's demotion due to violence. As Murakami and Yūma enter the area, Kageura asks the C-ranks what they want. At this, the trainees claim they were only joking around, posing as fans. He tells them to leave as it's too much trouble. As they are leaving, the two C-ranks continue to whisper, remarking that Kageura is surprisingly more composed than expected, which must be a result of his punishment turning him into a coward. The last word ticks Kageura off and he decapitates both of them from a distance, dismantling their trion bodies. The C-ranks complain that fights outside mock battles are not allowed. Kageura says they just tripped and fell on their own. Yūma notices he uses Scorpion and wonders, how could Scorpion cover such distance? Murakami warns Yūma not to stare at Kageura too much, or he'll snap at him too.

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