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Yuzuru Ema 2 (()() ユズル ➁ Ema Yuzuru 2 ?) is Chapter 163 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

After finishing joint sniper training, Ema gets a call from Kageura, who invites him to join him and the others at his family's Okonomiyaki shop.

Long Summary[]

Chika is doing sniper training with Natsume, Tōma, and Ema. Natsume is pleased with her progress in training. They are greeted by Oki, whom Tōma berates for being indecisive in the recent Rank War. Oki justifies his lack of action, stating that Chika's puerility prevented him from shooting her. Out of possible jealousy, Ema steps in between them, Akane asks if Oki would have trouble shooting her to which he says yes. Ema receives a call from Kageura to join him at his family's restaurant. Tōma asks Chika and Natsume if they want to join but Reiji is picking Chika up at 6pm so she along with Akane and Natsume will continue training until then so Tōma and Ema leave to go hang out at the restuarant.

At the restaurant, Ema and Tōma are greeted by Kageura, Murakami, Kitazoe, and Yūma. The group members point out Kageura's apparent liking of Yūma, so much so that he actually brought him to the restaurant. Kageura is flustered by the accusations, reasoning that Yūma's lack of emotion during battle appealed to him the most as it doesn't trigger his Side Effect on top of that the only other person who can do that is Azuma. Kageura brings up Ema's infatuation with Chika, revealing that Ema is considering losing the upcoming Rank War to allow Chika to join the Away Team. Yūma divulges that Kido already mandated Chika's presence on the expedition as a fuel source. Ema elaborates, saying that Chika will feel alone without the rest of her team. Arafune and Hokari arrive at the restaurant. Arafune encourages Ema to aim for the Expedition Force independently in order to be with Chika, and even suggests that he should protect Chika in the next match. Yūma asserts that it does not matter what they do; Tamakoma Second will emerge victorious.

Characters in order of appearance[]

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

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  • The viz localization of this chapters lists Atsushi Hokari as Atsuji Hokari


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